REGISTRATION dates for FALL program, 2015

Community site on Bowen (program will run on Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm)

Wednesday-September 9       4-5pm, 7-8pm
& Thursday-September 10     4-5pm, 7-8pm
Christ Community church lobby
2221 Bowen Road
(across the street from QF)

Chase River (at Boys & Girls Club) Community site (program may run on Thursdays 6:30- 7:30pm)

Tuesday - September 15   5-7pm
Thursday - September 17   5-7pm
Chase River (Boys & Girls club building) 
1400 Cranberry Avenue
Nanaimo, BC 

Fill out some forms, meet Coordinator. 
12 week program at no charge
Ages 4 and up, parent group 
Start-up dates to be decided.

Contact   250-751-7888 for any questions
find us on facebook - rainbowsnanaimo

RAINBOWS peer support groups offer children the following benefits:

 -a caring adult facilitator to attentively listen no matter what the child's circumstances and reasons for loss & grief 
-awareness of feelings – naming, acknowledging, expressing and managing them
-learn appropriate coping mechanisms
-reducing depression, anxiety and stress
-management of anger
-positive direction during their journey toward reconciling their loss
-encourages positive behavior
-unconditional acceptance in the group
-develop and strengthen problem-solving skills
-develop positive goals for themselves
-increased self-esteem
-confidential expression of grief
-provide a safe environment to share personal stories
-understand how to communicate verbally and through listening  learn how to be compassionate to others
-work through a journal to write or draw feelings for understanding and release
-improved communication in peer and family relationships
-improved school attendance and academic performance 
-opportunity to meet new friends who have shared experiences
emotional healing
-understanding that their community cares
                                          Have fun and great snacks!

Contact us for program Info


12 WEEK session Jan-April,  2015 is on the way
If you have a child or teen who wants to attend the program please email us your information, as we are looking to start another site and/or add more groups. When we have your information we'll do our best to keep you up to date.


If you choose to attend Rainbows (ages 5-12) or Spectrum (ages 13-18) at your child's school,
Please check with your child's school if they offer the program. You can ask the school's Principal or Child & Youth Care worker/ School counselor who the Coordinator is so they can discuss availability with you.

Spectrum (Rainbows program for teens) on hold
Hoping to start groups sometime in the Fall!

South Side Teen Centre on 20 fifth street

Contact Hayden for information/registration
We hope to offer parent (of the teens participating) support groups in the future.

 Also: for any information on Rainbows programs in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island.
Rainbows has Grief Support Group curricula for all ages
check with us for programs in your area
free of charge, 
registration needed.

Isabel VanGrootheest
Rainbows Registered Director for Canada

SPRING program 2014

Once families are registered we'll start the session as soon as we can, 
we usually meet on Tuesday evenings. 

RAINBOWS at Community site for 25 years

Community Site starts 12 week programs in September and again in January every year
Let us know if you want to participate, we continue to look for more opportunities.
community site at:
 Christ Community church 
2221 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
Kids ages 4 and up
Parent groups available
Program will run on Tuesday evenings
need to register
Coordinator: Isabel
any questions?

Schools in District 68 offering Rainbows and Spectrum

About 20 schools in District 68 are running the program during or after school time, please check with your child's school if they will offer Rainbows/ Spectrum (for teens).
The school's principal and/or Child and Youth care workers will have the information.
If a school is interested in offering the program to their students and are not an official Rainbows site they can contact Isabel VanGrootheest or Robin Smith, who are Registered Directors for Rainbows Canada.
They will provide information and training.